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NT, DM9, DM7, SLG, Demon, 68/4500 bottle


May 15, 2007
Hi All,

Attempting to clear through some bits and pieces so feel free to offer away.
Prices are posted to the UK.
IMG_20201208_212136 (1).jpg

Dye NT10 great condition, some barrel tip wear as expected, matching anno barrel, bolt spacer kit, spare detents, spare macro for the ASA and spare macroline. £130 - SOLD

Dye DM9 good condition, Eye pipe in one piece but does have a mark, spare eye pipe is in similar (slightly worse) condition, spare eye wire, comes with a black UL back. £100

Vanguard Demon, comes with a matching anno barrel kit (lucky unitech) and a spares kit which includes a solenoid and eyes, plenty of o-rings. £100 SOLD

GI Bottle 68/4500 tested in 2019, has until May 2024 on the test, death date is 2027, Regulator leaks if it is not on a marker as the pin is missing a rubber seal. £50 SOLD

Dye DM7 Cp flow plug (comes with on off plug too), needs an ASA, also needs an lpr seat I believe as it has a leak from the lpr. Eye pipe is brittle and barely holding on. has Tadao grips but a normal board. £40 - SOLD

Proto SLG, really only useful as parts if you are looking to put yours back together, ASA pin is bent so needs replacing, grips are in a pretty bad way £30

IMG_20201208_214334.jpgIMG_20201208_213835.jpgIMG_20201208_213646.jpgIMG_20201208_213335.jpgIMG_20201208_213323.jpgIMG_20201208_212311.jpgIMG_20201208_212246.jpgIMG_20201208_212241.jpgIMG_20201208_212226.jpgIMG_20201208_212217.jpgIMG_20201208_212330.jpgIMG_20201208_212334.jpgIMG_20201208_212552.jpgIMG_20201208_212136 (1).jpg
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