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NT10, Rotor, Reg and 68/4500 package deal

Alan Smith

Dye NT 10 with NT 11 internal parts upgrade - stock dye UL barrel

Throttle air system reg and 68/4500 carbon fibre tank retest date 2020/01 final 2025/04.

Plus another damaged throttle reg for spares/repairs.

DYE Rotor Gen 3 barracks grey.

All in good condition usual wear and tear to barrel tip, hopper etc. Can take more pics if required!

Package deal £255

5D1083E1-CC3B-4AD6-8596-DBBAA720FC5A.jpeg 2CA1D118-5529-4983-94A9-E5521A7203F2.jpeg
8F2F58C8-68D0-41BE-9AC5-9B5D5EA53903.jpeg DF1B172B-71CF-472D-BDCA-CF1E034A3F7C.jpeg
919B55D8-B0EB-4CB3-8A53-E163D9D40AF9.jpeg 9B4E77BA-9B2F-4E47-85F6-E1B840F3ACBA.jpeg
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Alan Smith

Hi mate,

Thanks for your offer.

Sorry won’t go that low for the package deal, not with fees and postage costs. I’d do the NT and Rotor for £210 PayPal and posted.


Any chance you’re going to Mayhem Xmas bash this weekend? I could pop over if we can meet up I’d do £240 cash for the lot.

Alan Smith

Hi mate,

Thanks for upping your offer but I’ll pass.

I’m not desperate to sell and I’d want the £255 for the lot as I think that’s a great deal.

Perhaps the second hand market is just too weak so think I may be retiring this to the collection!:)


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Jun 16, 2009
When was it last serviced?

I am pretty close to saying yes, does that everything work as it should.

Getting back into the sport after a few years out and need some kit I can rely on but can’t spend ££££s on new gear.

Alan Smith

Hi guys,

Thanks for your messages!

Everything is in working order, I tech the guns myself, if it’s worth anything I used to play pro so I’m picky about setups and like to think my gear is all pretty much spot on.

The gun has the NT 11 spacer rod installed but also comes with the 11 spool as well as the original parts. This is an upgrade recommended to me buy Dye Europe and protects the spool bumper. Of all the guns I’ve shot this has the best trigger geometry by far, I know that’s a personal thing but it is very fast in uncapped semi and again very fast to get into ramp if you’re into tournaments and snap shooting.

The rotor is actually almost new and hasn’t had many outings as I’ve been using a different rotor on another gun.

The air system/bottle combo is working great and a good length to stock. Again the reg hasn’t seen that much use as I got it to replace the spare one also included. The spare is worth having for parts as I think all the internals were fine it was just cosmetic damage to the reg body and gauge that was wrong with it.

Can’t post with batteries or air so you’ll need those!;)