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NXL Europe - Chartres


warped player
Aug 9, 2005
I was more referring to the fact you called Jamie beadle, Jeremy beadle as in the 90s prank show presenter, I no Jamie is a good guy he's a mate I've known him for years


I'm a country member!
I think I've known Jamie since he was about 14, he was a quiet humble kid then. As his career went on and his ability improved is cockiness overtook, he did a pretty good job of trying to piss everybody in UK paintball off and as a result he got the blame in a lot of incidents that were not his fault. He was the kind of player certain refs would take off the field at the first possible opportunity. The fact that he has played in the US, and that he has matured and runs a UK paintball business has brought him back to ground. Personally, I have never had an issue with Jamie, but have had to point out the error of his ways to him on more than one occasion in the past, usually resulting in Jamie apologising to me and the other party involved. He and Kelsey are a good match, apair of former wild childs come good.

Jamie, if you read this, you know I've always fought your corner.


London Legion
Apr 23, 2014
Thanks for confirming!
When I was first starting tourney we trained a few times at the first one41 site near Brighton and Jamie was incredibly helpful in teaching us a few things, his chilled playstyle is fun to watch on field too. I'd just hate to be on the receiving end of a mugging run from him! Of course, that's the same as a lot of players in tournaments.