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NXL Great Lakes Open - Vote For Your Prefered Layout

Layout A or Layout B

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    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • B

    Votes: 3 42.9%

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The layout for the inaugural NXL event in Cleveland will be decided on the toss of a coin during the week before the event.

One of the biggest questions teams have been asking the NXL is when the field layout will be released prior to each event. After many discussions with the Professional and Divisional Steering Committees, the NXL has elected to devise of a new "Heads or Tails" layout system. Each professional team has privately submitted one layout to the NXL. Two weeks prior to each event, the NXL will release two of those field layouts for teams to practice at their local fields. The week of the event, the NXL will flip a coin to determine which of the two layouts the staff will set up for the event. Teams will be able to practice this layout at the event on Thursday, the day before the event begins.

For the inaugural Great Lakes Open event, the NXL is releasing the first practice field layout today, three weeks early, with the second layout being released tomorrow, Saturday May 16th. This way teams wanting to take Memorial Weekend off will still have two weekends to practice the layouts.

The Steering Committees felt that releasing two different layouts for teams to practice would still maintain an element of surprise and keep things fun for the teams as they train for the event. Players explained that it can become pretty mundane practicing the same lanes over and over, but the committee members didn't want to overwhelm local fields by releasing too many layouts.

The "Heads or Tails" layout system is on trial for the 2015 season and as always, the NXL welcomes your feedback. For more information on the June 5 - 7, 2015 NXL Great Lakes Open, visit www.playnxl.com.
So just for fun, as it won't have any influence on the tos of a coin, here are the two layouts:

Layout A

Layout B