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NXL World Cup 2015 scores, games, chat...


London Legion
Apr 23, 2014
That finish was absolutely crazy! All credit to Spicka but Heat threw that away!

Seems Dynasty are losing a lot of bodies due to "bounce shots" - bouncing your shots off a bunker to kill the guy behind another bunker.
Bounce shots all weekend, every single game most teams seemed to have at least one player at any given time specifically aiming for bounce shots. When Bart was in the commentators booth, he explained that Impact had started holding a lane on a specific bounce shot, purely to stop their opponent using a bounce shot against them...
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Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
I can only imagine that as Spicka didn't press their buzzer, or Heat throw in the towel, that no point was scored in the last point, plus time ran out.

Edit that's just a guess though
That's exactly right! Thanks!
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