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NXLE - Prague


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Jul 5, 2001
I wish. Next year if @Robbo sends me to report on the event maybe!!
Jimbo, if the new p8ntballer.com could maybe generate a bit more income then I'd have zero problem paying you to go over to cover the event.
I'm not into chasing money as a lot of people are and if I could end up paying you to cover events then I'd be a happy man.
I'm not sure how the Mrs might like it though ?????


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Mar 25, 2014
Oof bit of a brutal event for us. We played some outstanding points, and just chucked it out the window with others. Stupid mental mistakes cost us badly.

New marker shot lovely though, so that was a positive.

Prague's an interesting place. Lots of gorgeous buildings downtown. Also TONS of tourists, and if you get outside of downtown, it's all soviet era buildings and grumpy people lol.

That crazy assed mini hurricane/tornado that hit us was absolutely mental. 100mph wind and 1/4" hail. Bend the netting poles over like they were nothing. We dragged a couple teams worth of gear into the DLX/Massive Entertainment tent, and had to lash the front of the tent closed. It also meant 4-5" of standing water everywhere.

I have video where it shows the clouds twisting around and getting real low to the ground. We even did one of those campy oh look we're all being blown away in the wind, while holding a giant lawn umbrella thing that was next to the picnic tables...then the wind hit and inverted the umbrella and bent it in half...we ran.

The day before was brutal heat index. 33-35C and 70% humidity. Very little shade to be found except sitting in a tent. Nearly lost a couple guys to heat exhaustion.

It was fun to sit and have a beer with Mark Knop again.

All told not the best event for us, but interesting place and the refs/NXL/everyone did a great job.


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