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Old angel speed and or old Ego (blue silver fade)


Nov 27, 2003
Newcastle upon Tyne
Folks I am having a nostalgia trip so sorry in advance, I doubt I will ever locate my old speed, but I am looking to replace it with another, ideally the gun needs to be working, complete with a barrel but can discuss other options if they should arise

y old speed was silver with 90 deg Grip with clear shells. I cannot recollect the year of my gun but it was circa 2003 / 2004 perhaps ? The gun still had the LP cover on the right side of the marker.

very much obsolete now, but if you have one lying about and you are not attached to it, bear me in mind.

my other marker at that time was a silver blue fade ego, so also on the lookout for one of these….. old hat now no doubt.

cheers folks.



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