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Old shirts and hoodies


Sandana whore!
Aug 12, 2011
Dorset, England
Been sorting out around the house and came across a box with this lot in it, not my type to wear anymore, probably wouldn't even fit me so it's all up for sale.
All of the items are in good condition, no holes etc.
All prices include postage but not paypal fees.

A few of the shirts and hoodies have large images/logos on the back, let me know if you want photos of these and I'll get some sorted.


DC jumper (bottom right) - size unknown, would assume small/medium - £15 posted
Rammstein (top right) - size medium - £15 posted

Unbranded one (top centre) - size medium - £10 posted

Slipknot hoody (bottom left) - size medium - £15 posted

Slipknot red faces (below Rammstein hoody) - size medium - £10 posted

Slipknot grey faces red text (bottom centre) - size small - £10 posted

Slipknot band image in red ring (above slipknot hoody) - size medium - £10 posted

Iron maiden (top left) - size small/medium - £10 posted