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Paintball Bloopers


Dec 3, 2007
I think my crowning achievement was at my first inter-uni tourney. First match and I slipped right off the break, falling straight on my face and taking down a back player with me (technically he tripped over me). He got shot so I crawled over to his bunker in shame. Same tourney: My opposing snake player was shot out, unbeknownst to me, so I popped up over the knuckle and bunkered a dead player right in front of the ref. The crowd watching were on that side of the tape and had a good laugh at my expense as the ref gave me a telling off.


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Aug 30, 2002
Biggest, most embarassing blooper was in greece when there was an x being used on it's side as a laydown on the right tape. I had one of my players on my left and as I moved up the right tape, I realized we were the only 2 left. I moved up to the x, and snapped around the corner, only to find I'd just shot my 3rd player in the back. I then promptly carried on up to where she was standing, snapped out, and got gogged straight away. Awkward.


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I've got 2 for you, lol, Masters this Sunday against Team Halo, i forgot to turn my air back on after messing around with my etek2. So on break out I plopped one ball out my barrel and spent the next 40 seconds looking rather perplexed. Once i'd realized what i'd done, it was just about game over as the rest of the team was nigh on shot out and I looked out my bunker (behind my gun, not just my head) and got a feedneck shot :(

The other time was back when I first started and I played the Masters. On break out, I ran to the far right and ended up getting caught by the netting lol, some people may remember that lol.


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Feb 14, 2007
Rugeley, Staffordshire
playing the masters with rhino against rebellion last year i was planning on diving into the snake and took a wide line which led me right into the path of my back left player and left me on my arse getting covered in paint :( we took the game though so all is good :)


Southern Pirates
Tried a run through down the centre right shooting left to hit a guy in the dorito. It was howling rain and wind and the entire field was just mud so I slipped on my arse and slid about 6 feet baseball style whilst the crowd laughed.

The only saving grace was that slipping up stopped the dorito player shooting me as his shots went over my head where my body had been, and I shot him whilst I slid. So......blooper turned in to a cool move :D (No blooming photographer there that day though) :(

Saturday just gone, saw one of my team walking to the dead box and did a deadbox count and thought I counted 3+1 on the way. I wrapped around the corner aztec and saw a guy in the same shade of blue jersey as the team we were playing and lit him up. Then a split second later realised I'd shot the only remaining member of my team other than me. (Sorry Ryan at least it was nice easy break paint lol)


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Oct 17, 2005
last sunday at bricketwood i was gunning to X off the break and noticed i had poison as i went in. I thought he wouldnt be expecting be to go straight round so i didnt stop running, but hadn't noticed the guy wires securing it up, ran right into them half flying through the air at the speed i was at...I remember thinking 'why aren't my legs working?' but tried to make the shot mid air anyway. I dunno if i did, cus i got blown up pretty instantly. Good stuff :)


University Barbarians
Back in 2005 when I was playing in France the ground was so hard from being backed in the sun that it had started to crack. On the break, I tripped in one of these cracks and fell marker first onto the floor. This was my first time playing with my 04 cyborg, and consequently ripped the front reg mount off the body!

Also, last summer I went for a superman but hit the bottle too hard on the ground, and sheered the ASA of my rail! Joy.


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Nov 30, 2007
Well being new to paintball (the NSPL event yesterday was my first ever tourney) I don't have many bloopers but there were 2 that happened to me yesterday.
First game I played (we had 6 guys so I sat out the first 2) it had been raining, broke out, slid into my bunker, both of my feet kept moving, landed hard on my arse and 4 of my 6 pods burst open.
Then a couple of games from the end, bumped up a couple of bunkers towards snake aiming to get the guy right at the far end of snake, the second I got into my bunker a guy appeared from the end of snake closest to me and put about 6 in my back.


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Sep 19, 2005
Hijacking Balf's datas

hope this works, from sunday, me in the white grills