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Paintball in school?


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Nov 4, 2012
So, basically my question is: why shouldnt paintball be introduced to schools?

This is something i have put abit of thought into and although theres ovbious problems with this i think paintball, as a 'sport', is as sutable as any for PE lessons within school. Of course with any sport played in school theres always going to be people messing about and the mess caused by paint would be an issue but maybe using reballs could cause the mess problem? and as for the idiots...im clueless? Like with football or basketball students are tought the fundamentals first and this could be tought in paintball, for example, snap shooting, laning ect.

My school recently spent around a million on astro turf so why not spend a fraction of that itroducing a new sport to the curriculum? a high energy activity that involves team work and technique? Its clear schools wont be willing to fork out on £1000 markers but is it really impossible to teach basic paintball skills with FT12's?

what are all your opinions on this or am i being way too optimistic:unsure:

Niall W

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Dec 13, 2007
Cambridgeshire / Swansea
As amazing as it sounds ...

30+ adolescents showing off and fooling about being given high powered projectiles with only one adult supervising.
It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Looking at it objectively, there's far far too much risk for a school to take, and that's considering the school is even well accustomed to paintball.
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Mar 22, 2013
Law suits galore...even some JT splatmasters could result in law suits.

The biggest issue, notwithstanding legal problems, is cost. Paint costs money and is exhaustive, reballs cost money (get lost) and cause additional wear to the markers (in comparison to paint) and therefore cost money.

A school can buy astro turf, hockey sticks + balls or just footballs and last 5 years playing with those alone. Or it could spend the same on paintball equipment and last 3 months.

Another issue is tidying it all up. Paint leaves balls and splat marks everywhere....Reballs need to be collected. That's £300 on an ammo up straight away + extra wages for the additional hour it will take the cleaners every time they clean.

From a schools perspective there is just too much involved and too much to go wrong. University is an entirely different story; there are actually quite a few paintball societies. If there isn't one when you get to uni (my apologies if you are asking retrospectively and have already finished uni etc) then you could always create one if there is enough interest. Being a president of a society is a massive amount of CV brownie points for doing something you enjoy anyway.

an interesting idea though. I certainly see where you are coming from and the logic behind it.
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Mar 14, 2012
This is just a complete non starter, aside from the reasons above, would parents let their kids do it? Let's face it, paintball hurts, remember the wimpy kid from school who used to cry if he tripped over? Imagine what he'd be like if you bunkered him.

Organised school trips to play paintball is one thing, playing it as PE is another entirely


Apr 2, 2010
since when do kids even do anything in PE??
our PE lessons comprised of sitting in the changing rooms getting life lessons screamed at us for an hour because no one could be bothered bringing their kit. isnt this still the norm?
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