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Paintball Manager MMO


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Think Championship Manager with inflatables lol. I know this was posted up a few years ago but I guess with development its far better now!


You get all the normal sports game management stuff, finances, training, transfers etc but the great PB specific is setting up playbooks!


There's loads of leagues (national / Int), tourneys etc and a 'national team' comp at the end of each 'season' (60 day's)

But worse bit is theres lots of Germans and Scandinavians :eek: So come on Brits, lets get on there and give em a run for the trophy's


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Shameless bump from some time ago but the whole site has had a MAJOR overhaul, new layout, graphics etc etc.


As you can see the URL has changed since my last post and other sports are being brought in to enable 'sports clubs' to be formed by different sports teams (and 2 per sport so you can build your own farm team now!).

The Germans are still dominating the European League so come on Brits, come join the fun :)


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Guys, look me up in game (ITZ - Game Over and Northampton Thunder) and I'll help where I can (been playing a year now).

@ Liam, yes it can take some time at the start, and if you watch the matches the time flys very quick but I'm busy now so don't watch the matches and do about 20-30 min a a night. Once you've set up playbooks for the league fields you can kick back a bit and rely on you coach/players to do their thing (Keep an eye on energy levels! If you don't check daily keep them trg on green or the players turn into zombies at about 70% energy!)
Sep 15, 2014
Since talking about paintball games...ever thought of paintball game as in first or third person? The game could have players from all around the world and you could build your squad, to be honest sort of like FIFA15 just in paintball version


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Unfortunately PBM folded a while back, big loss as I've not found anything as good since and I've tried a few, presently on big hit basketball :-/

WRT 1st/3rd shooter, not sure what the latest iteration of GH paintballs like, I'm still on the millennium branded one (after NPPL's 2nd fold). I know you can skin up the likes of call of duty etc, I'm sure there's something out there doing this????