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Paintball Photography

Jan 25, 2014
Hi all my name is Steve Turnbull from Steve Turnbull photography Formally known as (spc632) I have been shooting a Nikon for the past 2 years instead of my trusty EGO

I have been playing paintball for some 25 years played back in the day when the good old splat master was around I have been playing woods and tournament like I say for 25 years I played for OP paintball one of the 1st north east team to be formed played against Banzi bandits Nam wrecking crew mayhem tigers Turks and many more in 1999 I suffered a nasty knee injury that put me out of action for some 6 years I tore my cruciate knee ligament in 2006
I came back to the game a local woods ball team was forming up so I thought woods ball won’t be as hard on the knees I joined A FEW GUID MEN (AFGM ) I played alongside them for a couple of years be for the lure of tournament come back to bite me so I played alongside evolution and I have to admit I really did miss the game in 2012 I guested for the Clan at the CPPS loved every minute but sadly my knees would not hold up
I was desperate to stay in the sport I loved so I thought why not shoot the camera to my surprise its harder than I thought I shot some of the cpps for a portfolio for a HNC photography course and I was hooked I was out shooting the camera every time there was a game on and I was getting better and better till 2012 while submitting some images onto my flicker and facebook page I received a email asking if I would consider shooting woodsball for paintball photography.com well needless to say I jumped at the chance I have been covering woods ball games for them for the past 2 years now hard work but loving it
At the end of 2013 I was approached by X3 paintball magazine asking if I would like to come on bored with them and shoot the best of British paintball from tournament to woods ball
So here I am a media photographer for two of the best paintball media teams out there to date X3 and Paintball photography
I will be at the whole season at CPPS as well as making the long journeys to the MILLS and with a bit of luck I may be at PSP world cup Florida
So if you see me on the field or at an event near you come on over and say hi as you never know I may make you a star
I will be looking for people to interview and to get team shots so you never know this Geordie may hunt you down.

you will find all my work at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Turnbull-photography/412775748777122