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paintball pods


Active Member
Jan 26, 2009
Hi All,

ive bought a eclipse zero g pod pack and i need some paintball pods.

I was going to get dye lock lids but was advised against them as they are difficult to remove and they open up when you run around. it was suggested to get the dye alpha pods. However looking at these they look like the punter day pods but bigger the unlocking of the lid is going to be as difficult? or are they secure to run around but easy to open with a thumb flick?

ive looked at the virtue pods with the push buton, how would these work with the pack in the sense will they open and just dump paint every where?

thanks for any help


May 15, 2007
To some extent, a pod is a pod is a pod. you've gone with a pack without straps (lots of people do these days) so pods getting caught when crawling around will happen from time to time.

that said locklids would probably be too chunky / cause smaller pods to be too loose if you end up using them.

I like the alpha pods, they have a nice tab which sticks out, I also like the Base 150 pods however they are a little square and i'm not sure how well the will work with a strapless pack.