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Paintball Terminology

Sep 17, 2016
One term that I got confused about when i first went to a big game was tourney marker, i was like "what is a tourney marker" and then it clicked that it was a tournament marker :D


New Member
Oct 26, 2016
Thanks you This has help me understand what (oops) on/off purge system stood for when i was reading up on the new gtek160R nice maker


Nov 27, 2006
didn't know that a penalty could be conceived if there was communication after the player is shot out
This is more on the tournament side

In the woods, scenario etc it's pretty standard that when you're hit you call out 'hit' and then walk off with your hand up etc, but if playing with some specific event rules (such as some TFD events where we have made the medic an active role instead of someone stood a bit behind the action, eliminated players have the choice of leaving and heading to spawn or staying put and calling 'medic'. That way you don't lose the advantage you gained by moving ahead - as long as the medic can make it to you and heal you safely)
Whilst on your journey out to spawn you might call out 'dead player coming through' (especially in cqb etc) or to acknowledge yourself as eliminated to prevent any opposition on the way shooting you just to be sure that you aren't on a sneaky walk past. You should have your hand up but sometimes it's a long lonely walk

It's cheating to walk off and tell everyone along the way where and how you were shot
(But once you've spawned it's valid to then say where the action is)

But if you have just been barrel tagged by someone who sneaked up on you then it's very bad form to call out and expose them. Consider it if you have sneaked all the way to the oppositions hq and whilst you're alone surrounded by the opposition you quietly tag some of them out until they start paying attention and see what you are doing, but one grumpy player decides to shout out and bring you to everyone's attention

In a tournament everyone should be paying attention, and ideally you are all communicating (unless your snake player doesn't want to advertise how far they have got up the field or you have someone up at the big W in the centre who is hiding their time for the rights moment - but the rest of the team should have eyes on
so if it suddenly goes quiet you should know that you may be alone
When eliminated you are meant to just leave the field as quickly as possibly, not stop to pick things up or announce that you just got hit)

If you go into the tournament side then you definatley need to read the rules
If you play a scenario then you can often get away with not reading the player pack, but then won't know what rules apply or what the point of the game is:

I was at north vs south at the election game and overheard two soeedballers talking, the first asked the second how many votes they made which just gained a totally confused response, as he never reads the rules and just goes and shoots people. Fair enough if that's what you want to do, but with the game delendand on voting he made no contribution to the outcome of the game other than to delay some people's votes by sending them back to spawn

For a basic woods game or walkon then generally you can get away with basic rules in the safety brief, and perhaps ask questions to clarify local rules on barrel tags and spawns