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Paintball these days


Nov 30, 2018
Hi guys,

I’ve been around paintball for a few years now but am starting to get back into it after a few years break

Is paintball still all about the marker and hopper or has it moved to magfed? Just looking at a spare marker but not sure if I should be going for a magfed

What’s your opinions?


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Hello Fella, well they are both different type of game modes, Both enjoyable in their own way, One is crouching behind trees/ bushes and a lot of the time Camp? to shoot whatever you think moves, - and the other is being under a lot of firepower and having the skills to move with a lot of communication between yourselves. To a lot of people you don`t need to train to play in the trees and bushes, just shoot your gun and enjoy shooting people, The other, you would be stupid if you didn`t train as you would be shot to bits usually within a few seconds, This is why a lot of guys that can`t be assed to train in a proper manner, go play in the woods, of course, there is the cost of both game modes, the playing in the woods is Much cheaper ?? and if you hide enough, it`ll be a longer game for you,
>> Bluey


Nov 27, 2006
Go for whatever you fancy, there’s plenty of paintball across the UK to meet individual preferences, more planned in 2019 with a push back to good old fashioned scenarios

MagFed began alongside limited paint games. There was the strict MagFed line of thought where it had to be fed by a magazine, possibly conceding with a 10 shot tube feed or pump actions, and also those who would let you shoot anything you wanted with a limit on the paint that could be carried / small 50 shot hoppers etc.
With the increased following there are probably less (if any) games that accept ‘any gun with restrictions’. However the odds are that you can rent a magfed gun at an event to try it out

Classic woodland walkons seem to have built back up in popularity in recent years with the ‘recession’ having made people selective about how they spend their money, staying close to home but still getting to shoot people. Use any gun you fancy at walkons

Tournaments. It’s possible to shoot practically any gun at a tournament, as long as you can restrict it to the BPS/FPS and fire modes allowed. But a cocker pump or a pistol will find themselves out gunned irrespective of the players skills

Scenarios - the calendar has lost the diversity of games that it did have in the hey day, though some firm favourites are still running every year
But under the guise of the Scenario Games Co-operative (SGC) a few of the old teams have been called together by Martello of Paintball Magazine fame to commit ourselves to a good old fashioned one day scenario game. There are 4 SGC games lined up between March and September, maybe a 5th in November

Training & practice
It’s not essential to train or practice for any form of paintball. You can just turn up to the CPPS in breakout/breakin but you will find it a struggle even at that level as you will come up against rhe ‘inexperienced’ but keen to advance

In the woods it’s easy to fall into bad habits. I spent a lot of time with the Going Postal / Amped guys as they progressed in the CPPS and went through a few training days with them and played a few points in true tournaments.
I re-learned to make best use of limited cover, snap shooting and gained the ability to hit a barn door left handed.