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Pay it Forward Paintball Style


Oct 31, 2010

1. @James ECI offered to send you a headband on-thread.
2. You PM'd me asking for another headband.
3. Therefore, you wanted two items, but didn't want anyone else to know that. Hence the PM to me.
4. This forum does not allow PM's like that.
5. You haven't offered up anything yet.
6. There's no need to start a new thread.
7. See page 1 of this thread, post number 1.
8. Good talk.

As reading is not your forte but trying to be condescending by the “good talk “ I am rather impressed you can count to 8 . Let me add to your list
9. Stated going to start a new thread
10. Please read prev file not a exchange programme good deed followed by good deed to another and so forth
11.this is a paintball forum not a debate one but feel free to pm if like to discuss reading literature and research and more then happy to help to understand the subject
12. Good day and good afternoon

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Right I think you two should fight till somebody cries.
Well, if I offended him we could duel, like they did in the old days. Trash talking is what p8nt used to be about.

I'd be up for a 1v1 on a paintball field at, say, Skirmish Nottingham, CPPS or YPC, whichever is easier.

We could even film/stream it for p8ntballer.

I've been thinking that a 1 man "Top Gun" tournament might be a runner, with everyone playing PUBG & Fortnite like they do. Say, 100 players split into two divisions of 50 on a giant woodland field, all gunfighting it out 5.5 mech style. One division plays in the morning, the other in the afternoon. There may even be enough interest for 200 players split into 4 divisions, 2 morning & 2 afternoon, then do a final game with the Top 3 from each division. Winner takes home a cash prize.

Is @Robbo the reigning Top Gun champion?
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