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Pay it Forward Paintball Style


Nov 27, 2006
Pay it forward 2020
@Tony Harrison has effectively reinvigorated ‘Pay it forward’ by offering to donate some gear to a new player elsewhere in the forum.

I plan to have a nose around my gear by or at the weekend and will put something up then

In the meantime if anyone fancy’s putting something up for offer then feel free.

General rules as a reminder are:

1. Items offered must be posted at senders expense, no monies to change hands for items.

2. First person to request the item gets it, they in turn must post something up for others.

3. No requesting multiple items you only get one item so don't ask each time something comes up.

4. No offers by PM, offers and requests should be made publicly. Personal address details should be provided in private by PM

5. Whatever you decide to offer must be of equivalent value and condition to what you have taken (or greater if you're a generous sort).

6. Though money isn’t involved this does sit within the classifieds area. New members have restricted permissions in the forum. You will need to spend approx 2 weeks contributing to the forum to gain classifieds access, (or upgrade your account with platinum membership)