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pinokio hopper

Jermaine Hull

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Sep 17, 2012
I have played a few times with mine without the nose cone, great hopper works well, never jams! Also despite the size of it, never been hit on the hopper itself. Would recommend it


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Dec 23, 2012
I have the Pinokio loader, and use it mainly for reball. It feeds perfectly, low maintenance, low battery consumption and when used by a center back player like me, I would hate not to have the extra nose on. It just makes my life a lot easier, with fewer refills. Now for snakeplay, I might take off the nose, but not always.
we are now about 6 people who's using the Pinokio for reball, and no one have had any issues with it yet.


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Need a lid for my Pinokio hopper, does anyone have a spare, preferably with a spring ?? Please Chaps ???. . Bluey

OK, I do have all the hoppers above, Spire, Rotor, and others and although the Spire is the new one on the market and has a nice low profile along with the Rotor and having the ability to strip on field of play if needed, I still feel I`m drawn towards my Pinokio because of the ease of everything really, push button and go,
I can also say this is the only hopper I`ve ever had that`s had NO Problems with paint, going in, and going out,
the only thing that worries me at times is that it sits up that little bit higher than all the others, but once on the field and start firing it , who cares .. Too late anyway ha ha ha, it seems to come out as the top one with a Drop test as well , very fast Loader !!! as I said , this is a very easy hopper,
Would I recommend It ??? Yes I would !!!
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Work hard. Play hard. Shoot faster.
Jul 1, 2013
I watched a review on this hopper and in 100 balls there were 8 jams! I was so suprised wondering if anyone else had this problem


"I am Become Death, squeegier of Worlds"
Oct 10, 2011
Middle of bloody Nowhere
Which review were you watching? Never had that problem..... in fact, the only problem I've ever had with my pinokio is either when I get shot in the speedfeed (happens far too often, I need to work on it) or the one time where I let someone else clean it and they latched the bend sensor up. (I thought he was going to be helpful. In fact, he was a little twerp.)

Plus, it's an excellent drinks mixer. Feeds finely crushed ice like a dream.

Care_Bears, I may have a lid for mine.... I'll have a looksee for it, and next time I see you or Luke I'll give it to you :)


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Jun 21, 2012
Southwark, South East london
Gonna throw in my opinion for what it's worth. I absolutely love my pinokio, only ever bring out the big nose for Big Games like north vs south. Will definitely get a run out at Mayhems Big Game also. I will admit I have been hit on the hopper although it has only been once. think that's just down to my individual error.

I have NEVER had a jam and my pinokio has fired about 20,000+ balls. I have had pinokio turn off mid game but whether i touched it by mistake or battery was low, it was only a simple press of the button and i was good to go.

Only thing annoying is that in my bag something pressed the on button and ran down the battery. this isn't really a huge problem when you have re chargeable 9v Batteries but still would suggest taking out the batteries before putting the hopper in your kit bag ;)

All in all it's a beautiful hopper to have, it caters for every player and is super easy to maintain should you have an issue.