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Planet Eclipse Eblade Autococker


manc Xtreme
Mar 11, 2004
House of flying Daggers
So wasn't sure about posting this here or on the Unicorns section but that part seems much quieter so have chosen to post it here.

The What
I am selling my Planet Eclipse Eblade Autococker.

This has been sat in it's original box in my wardrobe for years against the day I got back into paintball but it's time for a clear out and I think I need to acknowledge that my glorious return to the game is not going to happen.

The marker was a team series that I got when I was playing tournaments but I don't think it was used for more than a couple of competitions and a handful of practice sessions before I had to hang up my spurs and it got put away.

Externally it seems fine. Slight unevenness in the ano (see picture) but that was from new. Even now I think it's a really pretty marker.

I put a new battery in it this morning and fired it up so I know the electrics in the blade are all working ok (see photograph) but do note this has been sat (in the warm and dry) for some years now so I'd expect o-rings and the like to have perished at the very least. I have no way of testing it's actual condition as I sold all my air systems years ago - Please buy with this in mind!

The marker comes in it's original box with Ultralite two-piece barrel in matching ano and includes an Eclipse barrel bag.

How much?
Honestly I wasn't expecting to get too much for this but I put it up on ebay earlier today and I was surprised by the level of interest it received before it got shut down so I'm guessing there's still some good interest in these markers.

Fortunately I managed to remember the login details for my old P8ntballer account and so I present it to you lucky lot instead.

Based on where the auction got to in the three hours it had before it got shut down (£361 + £20 postage) I thought I'd ask for £400 for it + £20 postage (UK, First Class).

Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.




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Northern Alliance
Jul 5, 2012
Is it in full working order? No leaks? As in current condition its unknown working. I'll offer £200


retired from reality :-)
Nov 9, 2007
cool ...give me a couple of hours as not home and will pay when details received.
P.M. inbound and just require bank or paypal
all the best and thank you
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