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Planet Eclipse Ego SL66 XSV


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Dec 17, 2009
Hey guys,

Due to the interest in the other thread I have decided to put my marker up for auction in order to give everyone a chance of getting it.

The Marker

Planet Eclipse Ego SL66 XSV

First came out in 2006, I have owned since around 2011. Comes in original metal box/case (as can be seen pictured). The board was upgraded to a Tadao G7 ( before I bought it), but it works flawlessly and still functions with a fresh battery in it (see video of ramping function). I dont have a working air bottle these days so have not tested for leaks however was working fine last time I used it, admittedly that was around 3 years ago. The only marks on the whole thing are on the front grip (see pictures) and there is some anno wear on the tip of the barrel. Talking about that, its the only one that came with the marker as default, its a .693. The grips have, like any, got a little tacky with age, no marks on them but not the nicest to hold at the moment. Also there is an original spares kit that is in the case.

Anyway, here are the pictures (if you want any more then let me know):


The Auction

End Date/Time:
Sunday 8th March 7pm (Forum time)
Reserve: No Reserve but will start auction at £250
Will probably only be around £5 but if its any more then I will cover it
Minimum Bid Increment: Not fussed about this, lets just say £10

So that's all guys, any questions just let me know. Happy bidding!
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