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Planet splash the cash!


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Jul 13, 2001
Planet Planet
Early in the year Planet announced some sponsorship deals up for grabs. There were five kit deals in total (three Dye and two JT). As well as the kit on offer there were also some very nice Eclipse Cocker deals…So what has happened since then? Well, some of these deals have now been signed.

The deals that have been done and dusted are the three Dye deals. The two JT deals have not been confirmed yet but should be sorted out in about two weeks (after Huntington Beach). So if you put in a team portfolio and have not heard anything then all is not lost. Teams are still in with a chance so stand by your beds...

So, who got what? The main deal has gone to the UK Jaguars. They will receive nearly £4000 worth of Dye gear as well as a great deal on Eclipse Cockers. The Jags had a look at the New Director's Cut of the Nexus Cockers this weekend and put their order in on Monday!

Chuck from the Jags said, “When Planet offered us this deal, I asked Ledz to roll up his sleeve so I could bite his arm off! This is a fantastic opportunity for the UK Jaguars. Combine shooting the awesome EBlade Cockers with Dye clothing and equipment, then add this to the new '04 squad of born again killerz and you have one seriously capable Brit ball team. Bring it on!!

Planet are very excited about what the Jags have to offer. They are training like men possessed. They have been knocking heads with Nexus for weeks and just keep getting better. Everyone at Planet is expecting a lot from the Jags this year!

The second deal has gone to Inferno. They will be sporting the Proto Range of gear this year. They already shot the Eclipse Pro Series Cockers and have been updating them recently with the edition of some Nexus upgrade kits.

Planet commented to P8ntballer.com: “Inferno have been using the Eclipse Cockers for some time now and have done a sterling job. They are not the first name you think off when you think about a top UK Amateur team but they keep on getting to the top of the pile. They have already picked up quite a few trophies this year. We might even get Wrong Way Rob shooting a new gun this year. I think his current EBladed Cocker could do with a face-lift. The new Proto gear should smarten up the team no end, but Rob will still probably look a mess. It's a small price to pay for a great bunch of players.”

The last Dye deal has been awarded to Lincoln Storm. The main part of this deal was for guns. Lincoln Storm wanted to be shooting the best so they have gone for the Nexus Edition Cockers. They will also be wearing the Dye clothing on the first team and Proto on the second team.

Planet said: “As we mentioned, we are not just looking at high profile teams, we are looking for a partnership that will hopefully last for years and that is why we went for Lincoln Storm. They have shown a very high level of professionalism that most Pro teams would be proud with. The whole approach is just top notch. I’m not saying they are going to set the world alight but they will give it a bloody good go. I would stick my neck out and expect them to take their division this year at the PA League, even with their 4th place in the first leg.”

Richard from Lincoln Storm told us, “It is so much more than a company backing a team - as players Planet knows exactly what we are going through and what we need to take the team forward and on to the level that we want.”

To UK Jaguars, Inferno and Lincoln Storm - welcome to the Planet family…

For more information about Planet products, visit www.planeteclipse.com