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Platinum Member Classifieds, Read this first

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Hello again
Jul 9, 2001
Wherever I may roam
Finally, here we have the "everything else" forum.

The rules:

1) Everything must be legal

We know you want to sell your younger sister into white slavery but that doesn't have its place here. If it's legal, you own it and you're a Plat that wants to sell it - then this is the place to be.

2) ...errr, that's pretty much it.

Usual no bumping and what not but otherwise this is the space for Plats to use to get rid of whatever they need to (subject to rule 1). Other than that just play sensible and we'll leave you to it.

Any complaints to the management in the usual way...

How does that sound :)


one case one kill
Sep 20, 2004
in the ABYSS
Amendment to new classified rules
ok guys i have one more amendment to the new rules, Can you please ensure that the first picture in your thread is of all the kit together. and the piece of paper with your user name and date of the thread start is clearly shown. This means with a thick marker, and not with a ball point pen on white paper. As some shots with the flash on makes user names unreadable if we Deem that the user name is unreadable the thread will be deleted.
If there is a marker in the sale can you also ensure this has a named shot as well. due to high value items.

All threads that Do Not Conform will be deleted without warning. and we will also not answer your pm as to why threads have gone. the rules are on the sticky and the top of the page and in every Mods Sigs no reason to have seen them

have a nice day :cool:
Not open for further replies.