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Player Wanted/Wants to Play Thread


Free Agent
Sep 26, 2006
Hey I got two non paintball mates that wanna play this the KOTH this weekend

They've not played tournament paintball before so rookie div is preferred.

I guarantee they'll be a laugh and will keep moods high regardless of how the team does.

neither have gear but one of them can borrow my stuff. So one set of equipment would be required too.

They do however really want to play this together ideally.

Cheers guys



Active Member
Oct 8, 2007
Game wanted

If anyone wants a Xball/ Div1 player tomorrow come and see me at our stand, or drop me a pm on here before 4pm, i need to shoot my new toy!:D


Team Rampage
Sep 23, 2008
The Ghetto
*** Team Rampage Recruiting - Players Wanted ***

Team Rampage- Players Wanted

Team Rampage is a new team that was put together in the beginning of 2009 with the intention of training to be the best and make our way to the top in whatever we play.

This year we are competing in the NSPL Division 4, we have already attended the first Reading event and managed a 1st place. :D
We are now looking for players to expand our current 1st team and also looking to create a 2nd team to also compete in the NSPL div 4 or Kitch's super 5ives series.

We are committed to creating very competitive, fair and successful teams that we want to do well in whatever we choose to compete in.
After our first event at the NSPL we have gratefully just received team support and backing from Chris and Jon at LIPS. This was a very welcome surprise for us and showed us that our hard work and commitment hasn't gone unnoticed.

We are looking for players that can commit to the sport at a competitive level and still play fair.

All players must......

  • Have their own kit (kit deals can be arranged for some bits)
  • Have transport or a means of travel to get to training/tournies
  • Be prepared to purchase a team jersey
  • Be committed to playing
  • Have fun no matter what

Players applying for the 1st team should ideally have some sort of previous tourney experience.

The 2nd team positions would be ideal for a group of friends or even a scratch team trying to get in to the sup-air tournament scene.

We are looking for a total of 8 players so if your interested and all of what has been mentioned applies to you please get in contact with either me or Impulse Raider to discuss joining Team Rampage.




Carl (Impulse Raider)
Team Manager