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Playing gear and other bits


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Oct 21, 2013
Hi, last few bits for sale that I have, please feel free to make an offer - its not getting used and will go to waste if not bought!

Shocker RSX Accent Kit - £15
BT Camo Jersey - £7
Dye Slide Shorts - £15
Dye Bounce Vest Medium- £10
Valken Tac Trousers XL - £15
Dye Elbow Pads XL - £10
Ninja Remote Line with Cover (havent used in ages but was good last time I used it) - £5
Empire Neck Protector - £2
BT Digicam Pouch - £2
Various pods some locklids - £8
Eclipse Poncho - Free with any purchase if you want it
Exalt Barrel Swab - £2
Bottle air reg - £5
Stocks - Free just pay postage.

Postage not included. Buyer pays fees.
Feel free to ask questions.


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