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Playing my first paintball match this Sunday. Wish me luck!


Nov 27, 2006
So excited!!! Playing with a small group of friends. Can't wait
1) have fun
2) look at the pricing structure
(I’m assuming you are going as a rental group)
Don’t buy 100 paintballs at a time, this is the most expensive way
The optimum price is probably for 500 paintballs. I would say that unless you are trigger happy to start with 500, then judge it during the day. You will use more on some games then others.
You may find that you want another bag of 500 in the afternoon, or share a bag with a buddy
3) drink and eat
Bring water, snacks and see what the coffee/tea arrangements are (Instant May be free, but good coffee would probably be for sale)
4) wear decent footwear with ankle support
5) have comfy clothes, but not your Sunday best - a rental site will have overalls. I never liked them, but they are functional
6) have fingerless gloves
7) have a beanie, baseball cap or headwrap to hand
8) don’t overpad yourself, avoid big scarves etc - they will keep you hot and block airflow - making fogging worse
9) if you’ve gone for a fair amount of paint then ask about pods and a pod belt
10) listen to the safety and game briefs
11) After each game ready yourself for the next one first, and make sure your mates do the same, drink / eat second, chat last
(You can of course chat while loading if you can multi task)
12) have fun and come back to tell us how it went
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