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PMR help?


whats wrong wiv dis ting?
Oct 17, 2008
Hey guys i got a PMR, pretty new(myself as well), and i jus went to test it without any paintballs in it or a hopper a few hours ago, i screwed in the air tank, turned it on, pulled the trigger, again and again, but nothing fired, i think its my lack of knowledge on eyes. I stuck my finger in and the light turned green, but then i was too scared to pull the trigger, so i turned it off and went back inside
So can anyone please help me out on this? or just fill in the missing spaces. Thanks in advanced


fatbobs fusion
when the gun is first turned on the eyes are on, which means the gun wont fire (red light) until the eyes see a ball(green light) in the breach(where the balls drop in to) if you press the botton below the power button it turns the eyes off so it will fire with no ball (dry fire) just pls dont stick your finger in it

Tricky Dicky

Well-Known Member
May 9, 2008
oh jeesus, imagine if you had put your finger in their, the pain!!, i wonder if his finger would be crushed? even partly :eek: lol


Platinum Member
Jan 4, 2008
i dont know what its like with a PMR, but i've had my finger in the breach and fired the gun with a mini, etek and ego and its still on there, not broken or anything, the mini was the worst cus it trapped it. but the etek and ego just tickled

EDIT: Dont try it, i'm just a numpty