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PMR help?


whats wrong wiv dis ting?
Oct 17, 2008

Ok... its nothing to do with the battery..as i just put in a new Duracell Plus as reccomended by marcus, its nothing to do with the eyes. I can here the trigger sound(click). Nothing to do with the bolt, because i clean it all the timeand make sure th o-rings are in good condition. ITs still the stock frame with the stock board and a few alloy upgrades like the trigger, and a new blue tube from the airport to the hyper2.It must either be something to do with the Airport and the pin depressor or the hyper2, add me on msn if you can help plz thanks: howcouldyouforget@hotmail.co.uk

Marcus Geezer

Platinum Member
With the makrer completely de-gassed and safe, take the bolt assembly out.

Within the assembly, just pull the bolt forward and then put it back in. Now cos the bolt is forward when you try and gas the marker up if air is indeed going through the asa as it should, then the bolt will reset back.

As well as being able to see it, you should hear it push back.

If this is not happening, then you've got no air going into your marker. Before you go mad trying to mess about with the grub screw in the asa, have you tried your regulater, the one you would use to adjust your velocity? I havent got the manuals to tell you what it should be at, but too many people have said my marker aint working but havent realised that this is turned all the way in and not letting any air through.

Take some advice or read the manual to find out which way turns it all the way down, then someone here will tell you how many turns will take it to approx the right value from there.


Walkin' the Web
Feb 12, 2007
$lough, Berks
Page 11 and 12 of the manual tell you about setting the ASA and Hyper 2.

If you really don't know what you're doing, speak to the retailer who sold you the marker...


New Member
May 23, 2007
If its a brand new out the box PMR the grub screw at the bottom of the reg will be screwed all the way in stopping any air from reaching the bolt.

You will need to loosen the screw a couple of turns to allow air through.