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Posible changes for 2012


London Impact
Jul 9, 2007
Hi John

If you ever need Refsthen please let me know, I am the an ultimate ref and have done the NSPL CPPS and the UK Masters (which i still do) I can bring a team of very well respected refs down if you ever need us ! this is my number if you ever need help ;-) 07426355025 just give me a shout
Aug 9, 2005
Northants UK
I really like the idea of no respawn for the last 2/1 mins. It could really add those brilliant paintball moments that you see all over youtube :) And its only a couple of mins so its no major sacrifice.

With regards to the coke cans, ive been getting on with them just fine laying down. Cant understand people asking them to be stood up because its easier to play from... how about you just practice and improve your skills, tactics and playing? Both teams have the same situation, i dont play people to have an easy game, its fun to be challenged and earn the win.


Jul 20, 2010
I like the elimination concept at the end for sure!!

But i think rather than this being the decisive factor of the game, awarding bonus or anything, why not just count them as regular kill points?

OR, in the last minute, allow the players from the pits to join the game for a 10 on 10 chaotic finale?



John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
I must admit i did rather like Tadao's idea of all 10 going on in the last minute but then joshypop made a very good point it will be very hard to judge with 20 people on the field all shooting.

Not to mention the extra paint used if in the last minute no respawns were allowed the the paint usage would actually go down as the players on the field would be diminishing.

On the bunkers in the endzone its a really hard one to judge most teams seem to think its ok as it is , But i always like to listen to peoples problem and implement fixes but this one is hard as if we make changes and its wrong we could break the system as before we started to lay the cans down they were up and some teams were getting stuck in the endzones .
Since we have laid them down i have seen teams go on the back foot and able to break out and move forward .
Maybe the solution is to add a couple of upright cans in addition to the lay downs then you get the best of both worlds.
We will do this next round and see how it goes.
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Alan Smith

Hi John,

I'd like to see some incentive for teams to go past the fifty yard line, if you don't want to add more electronics then a flag in the centre that scores a bonus if it's taken to a position in the oppositions half would be good. Doesn't need to be at the end of the game either I think better if it can be done at any point. A successful 'flag hang' scores a bunch of points.

On the back cans topic I think people need to remember that they aren't meant to stay in them, they just stop teams getting trapped at the gate and make it easy to spread. Too many teams are staying on the back line, they'd have more success and the games would be more exciting if they push off that line.

Just my thoughts! Love the events John so thanks for your efforts!;)


Potter Loki

Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2007
the gaps between those cans and the rest of the field is huge though, if a team has a couple of good spots, you will get chopped up as soon as you attempt to get past the back line and onto the proper field, when they are primaries which they sometimes need to be they are ****.


New Member
Jan 24, 2010
Maybe the solution is to add a couple of upright cans in addition to the lay downs then you get the best of both worlds.
As i said earlier:
Coke Can Line

Its obvious theres some mixed feelings going around about whether they should be stood up or lying down. Personally i think stand ups are much better to play from, you can move up quicker from them and see/ shoot people who have locked down the field and are posting on you.
I also agree that if all of the coke cans where stood up the gaps would be alot harder to cover if the opposition has the field locked down and is just waiting for you to make that run too far.
So why not alternate it? Have one standing one lying down all the way along. This would provide some decent bunkers to push up from the back line if you got boxed in the starting gate and the lay downs could bridge the gap but still make it a challenge to cross as theres less to hide behind height wise :p

Sorry for repeating the post but people didnt seem to notice it :rolleyes: