300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
I take it one step further.
I lie down, with my arms and legs at funny angles. Sooner or later someone will notice that a giant black woman is on the ground, seemingly wounded...
People, being nice and thinking that my overworked fat-encased heart has finally given up, call a halt to the game, and the opposing players come out of their cover and gather around my prone form to see if it's a 'real dead body or not'.
This is when I spring into action, usually managing to take out 8 or 10 players, starting with the unarmed fools who are trying to put me in the recovery position and administer CPR.
It's unpopular, sure, but I basically get 'all kinds of ghetto' on the people that complain, and eventually they shut up, or leave the field in disgust, and the game restarts...