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Problem with Z2 Loader Not Feeding


Platinum Member
Apr 1, 2008
Just come back from a session out with my Z2, only the 5th time I've used it all year.

It mashed up a hell load of paint in the feedneck which resulted in me spending about 30mins trying to clean it out on field. As I was cleaning it out, I noticed a ball covered in paint stuck in the hopper feedneck, which I push out and carried on cleaning in innards. After cleaning my Z2 as much as I could, I then put the hopper back together again, and the drive did not feed.

This has spoilt my day in all honesty, as I then played no further games on site.

Bought the hopper home and cleaned the hell out of it following the manual for dis-assembly and re-assembly, the hopper still doesn't feed. The green light is on, but no drive train rotation happens.

I have checked all the parts are properly aligned, and all parts are in place following the diagram at the back of the manual, I have even tried the two button 10 second restart which hasn't worked. Do you have any suggestions for me to use before I send it in for repairs?

Tam Rankin

#29 PlumLife - Edinburgh
Sep 4, 2012
Alright bud, have you checked the black band conecting the motor to the feeder plate and and take it of to see if the motor runs free if so then its not electrical.