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Nov 4, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
Ninja i'll spare the pleasantries and just say that as a complete outsider to the conversations you've been having with members and admins on here recently, the same attitude shines through every time. all i can see is the stubborn rebel type as if you need your opinion to be the be all and end all and what anybody else has to say is inferior to that.

if someone's opinion is different to yours then c'est la vie, you don't need to challenge it or persist in saying why you feel the way you do in such a condescending way. We love a good bit of healthy debate on here, it's the flesh and blood of what keeps the forum interesting so try a bit of respect for what other people are saying as well and you might even get the same in return.


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
*sighs* nevermind lol

On another note ide say your right in saying that i am an approachable person etc

Your just taking my OPINIONS asif im attacking you for some reason lol
So im just gonna stick to the buy/sell/trade area
Ninja, many thanks for co-operating, it's genuinely appreciated.
From our point of view [the mods] we are extremely protective of what we've all got on p8ntballer.com.
It's not like PbNation where it's anarchy perpetrated by complete idiots.
And so, I'm glad you didn't push any more buttons because it really serves no purpose to anybody.
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