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Project K - What can it do for you?

Project K

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Apr 25, 2012

First of I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Jason Wheeler from Moscow Red Legion in the PSP Series and Toulouse TonTon in the Millennium Series, I'm also the coach for Project K in the UK and selective European countries. Project K all started in France by Loic Voulot of TonTon and now is running with around 300 members.​
What is Project K?
Project K is a online service that gives you a private members area between you and you're coach. A lot of people don't have the opportunity to practice every single weekend so it allows members to still get the information, input and guidance they need to progress even when your not on the paintball field. At the same time it allows you to get the information and content needed to set up you're practices as beneficial as possible be it for a specific field layout for a event or drills on a certain subject that you guys feel you need to work on.​
A lot of people worry that if they can't make it to the field to try the things they learn that they wont be able to make full use of the services but one of the main ways of learning in paintball is seeing and being told what the optimal way of doing things are and that's why we supply all our members with videos and audio responses so you can learn even while you are in front of a computer screen.​
What do I get with Project K?
We tailor each individual account to best benefit the individual or team, when you first sign you'll be asked multiple questions to get the idea of your play style, experience and history so the level of practice and subject is directed at you and your specific ability.​
You are a individual wanting to sign up?
  • 1-to-1 private coaching/guidance.
  • Drills tailored to your ability, experience and pleasantly.
  • Audio and Text based responses from you're coach.
  • Videos explaining and demonstrating every aspect of paintball.
  • Private individual space to do all the work in and save your progress.
Perfect for increasing your individual skill and understanding of the game.​
You are a team wanting to sign up?
  • Team-to-coach private coaching and guidance.
  • Field layout breakdown, analysis and discussion.
  • Tactics and Game Plans.
  • Team orientated drills tailored specifically for you and your team.
  • Private team page that is completely private that only you and your team mates can view.
This will make sure you're practices are highly beneficial and you'll have the extra edge on the teams you play at the events due to having a professional outlook and breakdown of all field layouts your team compete on.​
Here is a picture of the members space:​

and a video explaining what we are all about:​
Contact and more information
So now you have a good idea of how the systems work in Project K I'm sure many of you will have questions regarding how we work so feel free to contact us with the details below. The opportunity that the Project has to offer is completely unique and being able to progress you're ability and understanding of the spot any time, any where is something that anyone serious about their sport should take full use off. If your a new player or a experienced player the project can benefit you in many different ways.​
I hope to be working with you soon and look forward to hearing from you!​
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Sep 1, 2008
just wont to say that if you wont to up your game or even just learn some thing new i would recommend the Project K
i thought that i was doing ok but just chatting to Jason and watching the tutorial i feel that i have got a bit extra into my game.... its quick and easy to just make that little bit more to your game...... well worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!