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Prophecy to Z2 conversion kit?


UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
As part of our sponsorship we all had the Ltd Loaders kits. From day one we had issues with approx half of the loaders whilst the rest were fine. Due to the problems we had, the non working loaders had the boards swapped out for the replacement Z2 boards, this was all done via Empire.

Since I have had my loader returned it works a treat, and is exactly the same as my "Proper" Z2. I did not upgrade it but have seen one taken apart and it looked fairly easy to do.

I did put my one up for sale as a complete kit as I have another of these as well as my Z2 and another loader - Have far to many Loaders !!!!!

I did have a Standard Prophecy prior to the Ltd and now have the Z2, to be honest I dont really see any difference between the standard to the upgraded Z2.


Platinum Member
Jan 14, 2008
Thorpe, Surrey and The OC, CA
Ah. I misread the features. They say "Infrared Sensors observe the Drive Train to provide automatic ball jam clearance". I just saw infrared and jumped to the conclusion. Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

How well does the rubber coated toggle work?