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Pro's and Cons of Magfed?


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Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK

Less paint in the air encourages more movement
In theory a cheaper day out (not with FS)


Many markers use tech that was obsolete in the early 90s. Swapping springs to adjust velocity was fine on your Sterling STP, but in 2017? Seriously?
Generally awful ergonomic design of markers - yes a high level stock is a great idea when you need to compensate for recoil, but not needed on a paintball marker and a royal PITA when you're wearing a mask, M16 grips, about as comfy as a kick in the pods etc.
Paintballs aren't designed to be fed against gravity, so rock hard shells or mush in your mags. There's a reason paintball loaders have always fed down.
The whole 'it's not magfed!' whining when people want to use a stickfeed
The milsim aspect (both markers and player gear)
First Strike, (aka cheating for rich people) :D
Box mags. They're hoppers. Shush, they just are.
Full auto - "mag fed needs more skill as you don't just spray and pray", erm?
Mags - expensive, really impractical for paintball (lots of lovely hard points on your front for max breakage, genius!) and horrendous to clean if a ball breaks.

Slapping a stick feed on a modern marker would be hugely cheaper, more practical and provide better performance in every way.
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Oct 9, 2017
Would playing mag fed not be more entertaining and fun, surely it will make the player think more and be more tactical :) mag fed is also more challenging and deffinately has to make the player preserve their ammo hehe. The pros and cons are all real but in the end it is up to the player what they prefer

Alex Dawson

Mar 22, 2016
When I first started playing rec-ball I loved it, then I started getting into the world of paintball and something didn't feel quite right about it, whatever I had enjoyed about rec-ball didn't seem to transition into tournament style paintball.
Just recently I decided to try magfed and instantly felt much more at home, it was what I had imagined paintball to be.

1.The magfed scene allows players to use pyrotechnics, Grenades, Smokes and flashbangs - Clearing a building or a bunker with a grenade is something to be tried ( Though less fun if you hit a wall and it bounces back ).

2. You get to play in interesting places, E.g. Nuclear bunkers, MoD training sites such as abandoned villages etc - So much more fun to have actual scenery rather than a bunch of crates and some old jeeps dumped in a field.

3. More involvement - At walkons if your not part of a team or there with somebody it can be quite difficult to get some teamwork and tactics going, seems like a bit of a free for all deathmatch … theres not time to hear , think , or talk. - At magfed you will find players are much better at communicating to you where the enemy is, what objectives need completing and getting fire/rush teams together to employ some tactics on the field.

4. Bounces count - If ya gets hit , ya dead. - People seem to respect getting hit more.

5. Its cheaper - Just came back from 2day game - spent £10 on 500 balls, lasted me all weekend and got more kills than I would on 2000 balls with a tourney marker.

6. Lack of technology - Yes magfed markers have less technology - because they don't need it as theyre not trying to fire 15BPS - a magfed marker will shoot as far and as accurately as a tourney one … infact I would argue they they have more consistency and accuracy. - less likely to break.

7. Not have a hopper in front of your face that people can shoot - I find magfed markers to be more ergonomic, more comfortable , easier to move around.

For me there is none, paintball wasn't what I expected paintball to be, magfed is exactly as I imagined, better even.

Very magfed biased but there you go - If you haven't tried it, give it a go.... If you haven't , don't knock it till you tried it and have actually experienced the difference.