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Proto Maxxed Rail accessories


Aug 4, 2012
Swansea, Wales, UK
Hi all fairly new to the sport.
Well this is my first year laying and have had a good one with things like NvS, Zombieland and a few local walk-ons all done with either hired kit or borrowed kit from a friend.
I have managed to persuade my wife to get me a Proto Maxxed Rail 2014 for xmas, instead of a new car....dont ask i dont know why either.

Anyway back to my actual question which is:
What parts will go with this as in will any rail O-ring kit fit? triggers? dye hyper-3 mini? basically do i look specifically for PMR 14 stuff or any rail or just stuff to fit this years rail?

yes okay i know its a long and vague question but it genuinely confuses me.

All help would be much appreciated