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Proto Rail cold weather advice...

Ash - GI Sportz

GI Sportz
Jun 14, 2006
GI Towers
For all of you who got a shiny new Proto Matrix Rail from santa this christmas (and those of you who bought one anyway), heres a few pointers to get the best out of them while the weather is being typically British - cold and wet.

- check that the 017 front wall o-ring is in good condition, this o-ring is the most common cause of bolt stick in all matrix', so check that it well lubed, and that the tension between it and the bolt is smooth.

- ensure the 015 bolt sail is well lubed and making a good seal with the cylinder, and the same of the 009 'boost' o-rings, if these o-rings dont seal properly you will suffer shoot down and inconsistent velocity.

- as there is no LPR on the Rail, you need to increase your dwell to compensate for the bolt stick caused simply by the bolt being cold. Standard is 25 clicks, so you may want to increase it as far as 30 clicks. You can increase your input pressure slightly, but remember that this will increase your velocity, so dont go over the legal limit!

- if you arent already, then switch to a good cold weather lubricant, the DOW33 supplied with your Rail is more than adequate.

Remember, you can always contact myself if you are having difficulties that you cannot resolve simply by reading your manual

- eurotech@dyeprecision.com
- 0208 649 6330


Ash Chaplen
Technical Support
DYE Europe