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Proto Rail

Sid Sidgwick

Tinkering ain’t easy
Big games are great fun mate you'll enjoy them.

I can highly recommend the rotor as a hopper, will last you years and won't let you down.

Make sure you get a decent mask as there is nothing worse than wearing a cheap mask and not being able to see what you are shooting at due to it fogging up. Look at Dye I4s, JT Proflex, Empire e-flex, HK KLRs or Virtue Vios. Any of those will serve you well.


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Dec 4, 2014
After a few punter days and wearing a scratched rental mask I bought my own,a 2nd hand E-flex..which I think is very good.I jumped on the proflex wagon also and again its a great mask and comfy plus fits well.What are your thoughts on a Tac Vest for walk ons..or best to stick to a battle pack..bit off topic but thought I would ask.

Sid Sidgwick

Tinkering ain’t easy
For walkons a Tac Vest is ok but they are predominantly for mag fed as you can use the pouches for your mags. There are plenty of Tac vests with pot holders on the front but many can be a pain when trying to get your pot out of a tight pocket in the middle of a gun fight, this can often lead to using both hands so not being able to hold your market anymore. If you are going to be carrying paint in standard pots and would be likely to try some sup air then a pack is the way to go.
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