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Provisional 2011 Dates

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
Okay, here are the adjusted NSPL dates - basically the first two dates have changed due the Millennium's first event.

NSPL 2011 Round 1: March 6th - Bricketwood
NSPL 2011 Round 2: April 3rd - Bricketwood
NSPL 2011 Round 3: May 1st - Reading
NSPL 2011 Round 4: June 5th - Bricketwood
NSPL 2011 Round 5: August 7th - Reading
NSPL 2011 Round 6: September 4th - Bricketwood

The April date is a week after the first Millennium. It was either this weekend or push it on a week and then there would be just a three-week gap before Round 3 or we would have to move Round 3 and that would clash with the CPPS. So this seemed the lesser of the evils - not perfect, but no calendar ever is...

We will be running Division One as Race-To-4 again, based on Millennium layouts. Division Two will be Race-To-2, based on Millennium layouts. Coaching inside roped areas on the snake side (where applicable) will not be allowed as per the Millennium's ruling.

Divisions 3 and 4 will be 5-Man, and may combine depending on team numbers - the field layouts for Division 3 and 4 will not be released prior to the events.

King of the Hill will be one division and will also run on the same day as the NSPLs in 2011, so Sunday's this year, not Saturdays.

I will be updating the http://www.nspl.co.uk website shortly with further details.