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Provisional 2012 Super5ives dates


Jul 10, 2001
Sexy South
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Now I know a lot of Series have dropped the number of summer events to 4, I think you should have a choice so as oppossed to having just 4 ranking events, we have 6 with your best results of just 4 events going to the end of series points. The thought behind this is to give you choice, we don't presume to tell you how often to play it's up to you if you want to play all 6 then you can, if you want to play 4 then play 4, the choice as always is with the player.
Once again there is no increase in the cost, £220 race to 3, £200 Hybrid (race to 2 & M5) & £180 for M5
Without further ado the Provisional dates for this year:
Summer Series 2012
15th April
20th May
24th June
15th July
12th August
9th Sept
Winter Series 2012/13
14th Oct
11th Nov
2nd December

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Kevin Winter

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Dec 10, 2008
Have been told on another thread the October round has been moved to 14th October?