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PSP L.A. Open Location


Bloody Yanks!!
Jun 5, 2002
Strong Island
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Seems the event wont be held at SC Village anymore and has been moved to the Fairplex in Pamona ,CA..

Check out the location at:


The link wasnt working when I clicked on it yet but it just could mean the site was down at the moment:confused:

:EDIT:link is working..Looks like a cool place..And it seems like parking wont be a problem:p


New Member
Dec 26, 2002
Southern California
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I checked out the calendar at the link (it wasn't working the first few times I tried) and saw that the tournament wasn't yet on the fairground's posted schedule yet...there was a sewing fair and an Irish festival. Hopefully the festival can share the space with a few paintballers? The fairgrounds are large, and I wouldn't mind a few Celtic lasses running around in clogging shoes...mmm...



PS TJ: I went to the fairgrounds at the last LA fair to support the paintball booth there 'cause I knew the people (CPP), but at $8.00 just for parking (I paid $10.00) plus the entrance fee, I hesitated. I hope the Expo does well though.