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READ THIS: Classified Rules.

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Buddha 3

Hamfist McPunchalot
Okay boys and girls,
For all to read, here are the rules on the classifieds section. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your thread suddenly disappearing into another dimension, one that is not nice at all, because the creatures that live there have no equivalent of the word "fluffy".
Don't be put off by the strictness of these rules, or by the amount of them, you will find that they will only make your life easier.

Rule 1) This is a PAINTBALL forum, and as such only paintball and paintball related articles can be sold/traded here.

Rule 2) Only individuals are allowed to sell/trade through the classifieds section.

Rule 3) Please state a price on each item in classified advertisements!

Rule 4) All items for sale/trade must have photos with username and current date! and be hand written (Click here for info on how to add pics)

Rule 5) No offers or deals by private message!

Rule 6) The selling/trading of 'Brand New' items is Prohibited

Rule 7) No bumping of threads (not even in disguise!).

Rule 8) No "testing the water" or "possible sale" threads.

Rule 9) Do not offer for sale/trade items unsuitable for their intended use.

Rule 10) Air and CO2 bottles, not only do they have to be "in-test", we now require you to state the born date of the bottle in the first post.

Rule 1. This means that you cannot post non paintball items with the sad excuse that you want to trade them for paintball items, or sell them and use the money to buy paintball gear...

Rule 2. Companies and/or semi professional sales have no business being here. Go buy banner space! This also goes for individuals who are grey importing/bulk buying new stuff from one country to sell in another and acting as small businesses.

Rule 3. "Offers" threads. You know what you want for your item, so offers are a waste of time for both parties. If you have no idea of the price of an item start high, you can always lower it.
The Price must be clearly outlined at the start of the post. The price is entirely up to the thread starter and if you do not agree with the price then simply do not pay it ! Or post in their thread that it is cheaper here or there, the owner of the goods decides the price not you.
The price must include postage (to UK mainland) and any fees. A discount can be offered for collection at buyers discretion. The first person to offer the ASKING price gets the goods even if there are offers already tabled but not accepted.

Rule 4.""The for sale/trade post must have an accurate description of the items, with a photograph of the items for sale/trade with your username and current date. This must be hand written and clearly displayed on a piece of paper next to the items. No "i'll add the photos later" do it the same time.

Can you please ensure that the first picture in your thread is of all the kit together. and the piece of paper with your user name and current date of the thread start is clearly shown. Hand written This means with a thick marker, and not with a ball point pen on white paper. As some shots with the flash on makes user names unreadable if we Deem that the user name is unreadable the thread will be deleted.
If there is a marker in the sale can you also ensure this has a named shot as well. due to high value items.

If you offer something in reply to a wanted advert you must still provide a picture with name and date on, the same as if you had advertised it in the for sale/trade section. This is to help prevent people selling/trading items they do not have.Or a working link must be added to a forsale thread that includes the above pics.


Rule 5. All dealings are to be done within the thread and not by private message. All offers are then visible and nothing 'underhand' will go on.

Rule 6. The forum is going to support the UK paintball retailers, especially those who kindly pay for banner space on the forum which makes this community possible. So, there is a ban on selling/trading 'Brand new' items. 'Like new' is fine as is used or second hand but there will be no sales/trades of brand new in box or not in box as case may be.
This also goes for individuals who are grey importing/bulk buying new stuff from one country to sell in another and acting as small businesses.

Rule 7. There is no need to keep your thread at the top of the page. When people go looking for used gear, they will browse more than just the latest threads. If after a number of days you have had no responses, it just means people are not interested in the item at this point in time. However, if something changes in the details of what you are selling, such as for instance a price drop, it is perfectly alright to add to the thread.
This includes "you have a pm" or "you have mail"

Rule 8. You are either selling and/or trading.

Rule 9. Recently there have been a lot of problems with items being unsuitable for use, if you're selling/trading an item it must be suitable for the use it's designed for. One example is gas bottles either air or co2, no out of test or damaged bottles.this will include DOT bottles
from today we require all bottles for sale/trade or offered in wanted, to be in-test and have their born date stated in the post.

This applies to all bottles...air...co2...dive...

Rule 10. All air and co2 bottles offered for sale/trade or in wanted threads MUST be in-test and have their born date/end date stated in the post. There has been some confusion recently with test dates and born dates, resulting in a purchase of an old bottle that was thought to be new'ish.

Personal sales/trades are run by members and whilst we will try to help if there is a dispute we accept no responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any transactions. Please ensure you have accurate details of the seller/trader should any thing go wrong.
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Baca Loco

Ex-Fun Police
Save Yourselves A Lot of Hassles

and upon agreeing to a deal to buy, sell or trade make sure all parties involved exchange contact information. Phone numbers, email addys, street addresses, whatever is required. This shouldn't need to be spelled out.
Don't put it off or forget about it until later. We are getting half a dozen threads a week, at least, in A,C & Q attempting to contact somebody or other in order to finalize a deal.

It's bloody annoying.

Besides, if you get all that info up front it should offer some assurances your arrangements are on the up and up.

Should the numbers of please contact so and so threads rise or continue at the current pace I'm gonna start randomly deleting them for my own fun and amusement.

Happy Posting.:)

Tom Allen

Jul 4, 2003
Another good point, save your pm's. You can do this in windows relatively easy. This way you don't loose those important addresses.
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Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
There was a question lately from someone who had their thread deleted about why we (the Mods) didn't deem fit to contact his lordship personally with a detailed account of why his post which ignored more than one rule of classifieds had been deleted.

Well, if you can't be bothered to read the rules of the forum, we can't be bothered to tell you which ones you broke........

On top of that there are multiple threads per day which get looked at and I personally do not have time to contact every person who ignores the rules.

Moral of the story is that if your post gets deleted or appears to mysteriously disappear, you've done something wrong, not us.
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