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rendering of new 2 team end-zones courtesy of John Bonich


UK Redskins
Oct 31, 2003
Essex, UK
Someone has been a busy bee in the off-season...

Does look very good. Defo a step up from what was there, although there was nothing wrong with what was there, if that makes any sense....

Noticed that there is a brace half way up at the back of each 'pit'. Will this still allow teams to easily enter each of the 'pits' without having to come around the front??

Also noticed the guys comment about putting the doorways towards the back, rather than central. Kinda liked that idea too. Would also make the openings of said doorways double width to allow easy entrance/exit during a game when there will be lots of people moving around at the same time.



John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
Both pits are open at the back so teams can go into them freely but only the team playing can go into the middle section where there is also a fill station.
The team waiting to play can access the other fill station from the back so they wont impede the team playing.
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