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Returning to the sport and would really appreciate some gear advice.

Discussion in 'Buying and Selling Advice' started by F0dd3r, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. F0dd3r Member

    Jan 25, 2007
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    Hello there good people of P8nt. After almost a 10 year break from the sport I've developed the paintball itch again. I'm in need of some gear advice and I was hoping some of you chaps could help me.

    I'll be doing a mixture of Woodsball Tournaments, Walkons and Sup Air.

    I am looking for the following.

    Slide Shorts. The Dye slide shorts are the stand out ones for me as they seem to have some excellent padding compared to other brands offerings.
    Elbow Pads.
    Knee Pads.
    Pack. For sup air and it's limited paint format I am looking at a Bunkerkings 2Pack Pro. For woodsball I'd like something with more carrying capacity, maybe the Eclipse BK Rain pack.

    In the past I would just go out and get everything from Planet Eclipse without a second thought. But I was wondering if any one has used brands such as Exalt, Bunkerkings and Empire. I'd like to know what their build quality and comfort levels are compared to Eclipse. Do they surpass Eclipse or don't they? Or are there some other brands that I have overlooked?

    For Sup Air I used to wear football boots as I found the Cleats that were around were heavy and bulky. Are the new cleats any good or should I stick to football boots for Sup Air?.
    As I am doing woodsball as well what kind of footwear would you recommend? I'd like to keep the weight down so that I can move quickly so I'm not really looking for "tactical" boots or things such as that but I'd like to have some ankle support.

    Also I used to have a pair of Hybrid Hater Heaters until some numpty friend of mine lost them. Do you guys know of anything similar on the market right now? I emailed Contract Killer to see if they had any kicking around in a dark corner but they say they don't. Which sucks.

    Thanks :)
  2. dfr350 Active Member

    Apr 22, 2007
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    I can recommend the dye knee and elbow pads and also the eclipse slide shorts and bounce vents (although you look like a mental patient trying to get the bounce vest off at times) Pack instead of buying 2 why not just get the HK army zero G harness? I have used the eclipse knee pads but didnt think they where any better than my dye ones so kept the dye ones.

    I have never owned one [and cant have one due to sponsorship] but I have seen reviews saying you can remove the pod holders so with M500 you could run 2 pod holders and when in the woods go back to 4 (plus the standard loops of course).

    3 minutes and 30 seconds onwards shows pod holders being removed.

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