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Review - Northern Paintball League - Round Two


Lady Organ Grinder
Hey ladies and gentle folks what a weekend !!!!....I know I say this every time but truthfully they are so much fun....and they do keep getting better and better thanks to the crew at Commando, Phil, Simon, Tom, Sarah, and Sam.....and of course the teams, you make every event so special....some of you more than others...;-)

Where to beginning as the fun didn't stop.....Day One in the big brother house....we finished setup quite late and left Durham DV8 training on the field, which as a reminder is available for all teams on the Saturday afternoon... We put our tents up, arranged the chairs around the camp fire and bbq, went shopping got more booze and food and settled in for the rest of a very enjoyable evening. Me and mine even ventured up to Sandal Castle with the dogs to see what the view was like....amazing...i'll ask him to post some pictures up on facebook so you can see for yourselves, Both DV8 teams, the setup crew and Freestylerz joined in well I wouldn't quite say we were glamping but it was pretty damn close....Phil joined us with his al a carte bbq food, salmon and Mediterranean vegetables...not for me thank you very much and a good night was had by all, we even squeezed in a couple of games of Mr Wolf for the kids....right....

After a good nights sleep, we woke to a sunny but fresh day, you can always tell if the temperature drops I tend to wear a hat, unless I have serious hat hair, well on this occasion i had dual reasons to wear a hat....but Sarah already had the bacon and coffee on the go, we love you Sarah!!! Jabba was unable to make this months event due to site commitments and Eric (Dark Warrior) also wasn't able to attend, but heyho we had RabbaJabba (Rab) to take care of business and after an inspirational stint with Jabba, he really knew how to motivate his refs, and not like some with a stick....they did a brilliant job with barely any complaints so well done to Rab (Ultimate) Clarkie, Jordan, Rob Wormy, Warren and John from Envy for stepping in at the last minute when Clunes let me down again....we used the European Masters (Millennium Bitburg) field as our layout for this event. It was heavy snake and tea bag side and bare in the middle, but that seems to be the design lately, when I asked the players they seemed to enjoy the layout...

It was a bank holiday Sunday after all, it was a very pleasant surprise to see so many wives and kids and girlfriends and dogs at the event...and as a surprise for the kids i'll be organising a bouncy castle for next months event on the 25th May to keep them entertained, I am also hoping that more teams will come and join us Saturday night. I was able to watch a lot of paintball and there were some really good moves as expected thru the course of the day....but firstly lets go to the results then i can talk about the teams performances etc...

1st - Durham DV8 2 - 25 (+18)

2nd - Durham DV8 3 - 24 (+22)

3rd - Phoenix 5 - 22 (+18)

4th - Jokers - 18 (+14)

5th - Shell Shocked - 18 (+1)

6th - Envyous - 12 (-6)

7th - madtoxic - 9 (-13)

8th - Freestylerz - 6 (-22)

9th - Aces (not THE) - 0 (-32)

So there you have them, the results from round 2, good results for Durham DV8 2 and Durham DV8 3, they work really hard at this training at least once a month and sometimes three times a month, well done the hard work has obviously paid off, and Phoenix 5, if only Dave your Captain had been there to see it, a brilliant result for them, in general a good year so far for this reformed team, when I asked them what had changed they told me they had stronger players on the team and a regular squad too, and the paint they were sponsored by from BZ Paintball Supplies has been very good every event too, 4th place for Jokers, not unusual for them as they are often top 4, speaking with Shaun Da Sheep he said it was because he wasn't playing with them....thanks to Blakey too for inviting paintball legend, Tony Kelly to the event, he popped in to say hello as he was preparing to play North vs South....he hasn't changed much, other than his failing eyesight, his words....and fifth Shell Shocked, a very strong result for them as they were in the high teens just behind Jokers on the amount of live players...they must have been happy with this result. As for the other teams they all looked like they had done a lot better than the scores suggest, but sometimes watching games I don't look at the scores or even the end results, i'm just looking for the cool moves...As expected their was a 5 man run thru from Freestylerz which was pretty effective, Aces (not THE) also tried this and to be honest lads it did not fair so well for you, lack of commitment from certain members of your team I feel, unlike Freestylerz who sent two players to the M from the break and totally took madtoxic by surprise, so much so that Stevan Williams made a valiant run for snake, yes I say it again Stevan Williams not Luke Williams was in the snake, albeit for 3 seconds, but we have to praise him for trying....Envyous and Shell Shocked it was really hard to tell you apart you both looked that good, and Aces (not THE) well what can i say when you have such a superstar player as Liam "Eppi" Hepworth on your team, ah well...

At dinner time we ran a one vs one competition based on the ones the Millennium European Paintball Series are now running during their dinner breaks, each game lasted 2 minutes and if their wasn't an elimination then the win was decided by the player that was closest to the opponents base, it was £1 to enter with all proceeds going to Paintball 4 Kids....at one point it looked like Father and Son, Andrew and Steven Matthewman would have made it to the final, but Steven was stopped by the Champion himself, which mean't the final was between Andrew Matthewman, who looked like he had eaten a small child for lunch and Liam "Eppi" Hepworth who looked thin enough that he should have eaten a small child for lunch, it was a good match with the final being played as first to two points, both points were won by Aces player Liam "Eppi" Hepworth and he was crowned One vs One Champion, he got a loud round of applause at the trophy ceremony and maybe a kiss from Jem Jem ( by the way who was amazing as usual all weekend),. Next month i'm running the competition again but this time it will be for 16 players, the original 8 will be entered automatically and the other 8 spots will be first come first served with registration opening at 8am on Sunday morning, entry is £2.00 per player with all monies going to Paintball 4 Kids...

Then of course there was the trophy ceremony, we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we kissed but all in all everyone was waiting for the sweeties, thanks to Ami from Envy for helping me and Jem Jem every month, but now it has come to question that maybe even a child can be bribed, it was all going so well until the last box of sweeties, and she had to do it, pick out her own team....if she hadn't bought me the awesome 1D Easter Egg I really would have had to rethink using her next month, but the chocolate was so yummy even Dan Randon agreed....so you will be back Ami...thanks also to Jen and Alice Crouch and Sue H for just helping me...x

So again thank you thank you thank you for all being so awesome and making it a pleasure to run events....I very much look forward to seeing you all next month on the 25th May back at the awesome venue at Wakefield....