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Review Round Eight


Lady Organ Grinder
It was with great sorrow that i watched another season finish.....but as i keep saying we still have Shoot The Rainbow, the 10 Man and the 3 Man to look forward too..yay...

Thanks to Jamie P and his crew for the venue, to Mr and Mrs Roy Cropper (not their real names if you hadn't guessed already) for making sure we all had a hot drink and breakfast butty in our hands, to the regular refs that have performed consistently well all series and of course to Jem Jem for being my right hand woman...

The start of the year was iffy due to the bad weather but the events were still very good and everyone's spirits were high but by April the ground had started to drain and we were all getting back to some normality. Teams you have been awesome this year, with every event being tougher than the one before, and as in previous years it all came down to placings at the final round....

It wasn't a big turn out but that doesn't bother me as it gives me chance to talk to the teams and find out how things are going in and out of paintball, the best thing about the Masters is the family atmosphere, everyone helps everyone, especially the new teams that thrive on the experience of others. Quite a few teams camped over on the Saturday night, when we got back from the Indian we seen plenty of camp fires to keep us warm...
FS Paintballs were trying out their new tournament and event paintball so it would be cool to have a review of that, especially as it now has the same spec as all the other top brands on the market, the DYE CG paint was amazing too breaking on everything, the PURE was a little too bouncy but that was to be expected especially since the temperature rose to 24 degrees, but then that can be said of all paints, swings and roundabouts. Thanks to BZ Paintball Supplies for attending every event to supply DYE and Pure paint to whoever needed it and their other goodies too, and Envy with their trade stand and support staff, to FS Paintballs who also came to every event with FS or Celtic paintballs, without you guys it wouldn't be the same and we appreciate your time and effort to attending events.

Lets look at the results first before i give a run down of the event.....from a refs perspective as I love reffing

Race to 4 - Division One

1st - Durham DV8 - 3 (+11)

2nd - Durham DV8 2 - 2 (+4)

3rd - Ashby Onslaught - 0 (-11)

UK Masters 5 Man - Division One

1st - Sabotaged - 704

2nd - Jokers - 613

3rd - Dog Soldiers - 569

4th - Phoenix 5 - 421

5th - Asylum Loonatics - 408

6th - madtoxic - 357

7th - UK Hitmen - 302

8th - Envyous - 270

9th - Freestylerz - 138

So the Southerners Sabotaged came up and kicked our arses....we only let you do this once lads....and hopefully we get to beat you at Shoot the Rainbow (28th and 29th September), but really it is always cool to see one of my Southern teams make the trip north and vice versa, as madtoxic have been travelling South occasionally for some extra game time...2nd in the division were the Jokers, playing a very defensive even strategic game, hopefully this was enough that Dog Soldiers, Asylum Loonatics and Phoenix 5 couldn't catch them..especially as both the Dog Boys and Phoenix 5 were so closely placed. If Asylum Loonatics had only placed higher than Phoenix they would have been definite third in series and now with the scores so tight is would come down to round points rather than series points as they were tied....madtoxic had a good event even with a guest player and the training is obviously paying off as they are moving up the table slowly. Clarky was back with the UK Hitmen after some time out for injury, we were happy they could make the event as my date clashed with the YPC 25th Anniversary, totally my fault and my apologies for that, it wasn't a great event for them, and Clarky didn't help shooting his own players out, but hey it happens right. A good result for Envyous as it is there 3rd event now and their captain John is very happy with the result, albeit some of their players definitely need to shoot more paint. Freestylerz in bottom position that is unusual, you really were missing Ray, and it didn't help having gun problems either, can't knock the paint though.

The race to 2 teams stepped up a gear in readiness for next season, due to lack of numbers we played race to 4, it was going to be tough for the Ashby Onslaught and Durham DV8 2 teams as they were up against the Durham DV8 Millennium squad who were holding back no punches...they wanted victory here in readiness for the last Millennium event, i have to say how impressed I was at these teams especially as neither had played race to 4, they were well prepared and totally knackered after playing so many games back to back, but they did say how much they enjoyed it, and even organised their breakouts so they played a different way every point more or less, the advantage being they seen a massive improvement in the way they played by the end, playing stronger teams can only improve your team...but as you can see the results were conclusive. Conciliation was Ashby Onslaught won the sweeties....yay.....well done...x

Thanks to all the teams and marshals for making it a great season, hopefully i'll have more news shortly about next season and the new venue we will be using....so watch this space...we love you all....x