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Robbo !!


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
Needs someone who knows the industry inside and out with the players and sport in mind, and who won't take any sh*t from anyone. Wonder who the best man for the job is? :rolleyes:
I could of course, take the horse to water, but .................... well, you know how that one goes I'm sure :rolleyes:
Nah thanks mate, my charity days are over, I've done my bit - and then some!


Doing my own thing!
Sep 8, 2007
Haverhill, Suffolk
of topic here, Ive heard so much about Robbo, but who is he?
Ive worked out hes some kind of paintball idol or something of the kind and he did a lot but I'm relatively new and i am not really sure who he is. And from this thread I'm guessing he set up some sort of league or something.

Also who is Buddha 3? Ive heard so much about him but know so little about his history as well.
Ive also worked out hes big as well, but apart from that im not sure who he is.
Sorry for any ignorance here but it has been bugging me for ages:eek: