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Round One - The Review.......What a brilliant event


Lady Organ Grinder
What a weekend!!! What a great start to the new Northern Masters!!!

Yeah the weather wasn’t the best, but at least the rain stayed away. So now players have seen the potential at the new venue, there is still a lot of work to do, but I guarantee that it will get done, and we’ll have the best tournament venue in the North.

Thanks to BZ Paintball Supplies, Envy Paintball and FS Paintball for attending the event and taking care of all our paintball needs, and to the marshals for making sure that the players had a good day of paintballing, and putting the field away in the dark ....and helping Ray to try and find his van keys...

Sarah provided the sausage and bacon butties in the morning, and a choice of chilli and chips or burger for lunch, if anyone has any preferences I am sure she would like to hear them, I would like to suggest hotdog sausages not the tiny weany ones the big german ones with onions....of course...

I had a good turnout for the first event, and I ran the 5 man format over the full day, this created an awesome atmosphere and we had a lot of laughs, thanks to all the teams for making it such a brilliant event, as you can expect the teams wanted to have a good start to the season. The Jokers Asylum Loonatics, Phoenix 5 and Freestylerz were all placed top 5 last season and looked strong, Phoenix 5 were trying out a new player and picked up Danny previously of UK Hitmen for this season too, but how would they do against Race teams Durham DV8 (now playing in SPL2 at Millenniums), Impulse (playing Division 2 Millenniums this year), Durham DV8 2 and Impulse 2. It was also great to see North West Assassins who had struggled last season getting a team together, but they have got their regular squad again so would they be able to make an impression. Envy entered two teams, Envy PB and Envyous and brought their usual crowd of supporters, as well as their sponsored team The Aces who also play scenario, but looked pucker in their playing tops, ready to play their 2nd Masters event, would they be able to step up to the fast pace of tournament paintball? BZ Paintball Supplies also entered their own sponsored team BZ Army, and it was especially nice for me personally to see my good friends Rubber T (Tony) and his side kick Stuey....I just hoped that Stuey had got his adrenaline kick again so that we would see them both more often. Impulse and Durham DV8 both had third teams, both teams were new more or less to tournament paintball, it was brilliant to see them heavily supported by their sister teams, encouraging them after every game.

So let’s see the results;
1st – Durham DV8
2nd – North West Assassins
3rd – Impulse
4th – Impulse 2
5th – Durham DV8 3
6th – Asylum Loonatics
7th – Durham DV8 2
8th – Jokers
9th – The Aces
10th – BZ Army
11th – Freestylerz
12th – Envy PB
13th – Envyous
14th – Phoenix 5
15th – Impulse 3

So there you have it some unexpected results, but everyone I spoke with really enjoyed their day and after all it was a warm up to the start of the season. Congratulations to Durham DV8 who used their new DM14 with the Dye CG paint supplied by BZ Paintball, speaking to them after the event they were very happy that the guns had bedded so quickly and were happy with the result, and naturally North West Assassins were over the moon with their result only one win behind the first placed team, Impulse weren’t far behind them either it all came down to the last game for a lot of the teams which makes for much excitement around admin. Phil our illustrious site owner presented the Order of the Boot to one of the Freestylerz who epically shot his own player out at a crucial moment in the game, much to his embarrassment..thanks to Jem Jem for being my best right hand woman, it wouldn’t be the same without you.....

The next Northern Masters is on the 16th February, I very much look forward to seeing you all again, just a reminder that there is free camping on site and any team wanting to train on the Saturday just has to call and let me know.
So until next time ladies and gentle folks......stay safe!!!