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Round Three - 17th March at Uttoxeter


Lady Organ Grinder
Yes ladies and gentle folks it is nearly that time again.....and i really can't wait....the weather has been good to us and the mud has finally dried up, and Jamie has levelled it off for us....back to normality.

Hopefully the new field layout will have been released by the Millennium and I will have the new barricade for you all to play on...as soon as it is released I will post it on the various forums we use..

Hpac will of course be there providing good, clean, safe air fills to 3000 psi.

Mr Roy Cropper aka Kimmy will be on hand to give us a hot drink when we get to site and one of his wonderful bacon butties....

There will a number of tradestands at the event, BZ Paintball Supplies, Fatbobs and FS Paintballs, so if you haven't already booked your paintballs then get in touch with anyone of these vendors and they will take good care of you.

So get yourself down to play, it is going to be another amazing weekend of paintball, with prizes for first to third place and the usual tubs of sweeties that every team has a chance to win, all you have to do is stay to collect your prize if your name is called out.....you know that you love it...

Me and Jem Jem will be on hand to take really good care of you, so if you need to book in your team or for more information call me on 07849 108 947 or post here....I look forward to hearing from you.

Teams have until the Wednesday before the event to book in and confirm their team....so don't delay book in now.....



Lady Organ Grinder
As you can see the Millennium aren't releasing the field layout until the 25th March.....so we are using the latest PSP field this month. Thanks to Andy from Asylum Loonatics for the suggestion and Reece Huggins London Impact for adjusting it to fit into a Millennium sized field....


Mar 4, 2005
A note to all teams playing this event.

Can all teams who require photographs please pay me BEFORE the event starts. If you wish to pay me by paypal in the run up to the event plase contact me for my paypal address.

As a side note, we have a new website that allows quicker and easier viewing and batch downloads of tagged images. Downloads are still free to teams who have paid their £5. You will have to go through the checkout process but you WILL NOT be charged for the downloads as they are set to zero value.

For those players who want prints etc you can now buy these through the site over and above the free downloads.

Galleries from this event onwards will be passworded and teams who have paid will be issued with the password to gain access.