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Rules: Please Read This First Guys.


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
Right ladies and gentlemen...here is the first in the little overhaul of our Classifieds section.

This is the section dedicated to WTD ads, follow some simple rules and you'll do just fine.

1) Thread title must have what you need, or at least an indication.

So don't just put "I need..." or I'll bin your thread, why? Just because I can and it's more than a little rude to presume people will trawl through your wanted threads just so you can try and beat them down on price. If you need a new Ego solenoid or a Dye lense then put that, it's not difficult

2) Price indication

If you aren't going to pay over £20 for a Shocker until your mommy pays you some early inheritence then put that in your thread. If people are going to offer to deal with you, then at least give them some help with an indication of your price range

3) Paintball only

More on that in another forum...

4) No stupid threads

Don't abuse this forum and we wont abuse you. TFP

5) Check feedback threads

Check out the feedback of traders, just because they want something doesn't make them any more legit. Decent traders will have feedback here or on other respected forums

6) No bumping

It might be urgent as you broke your Alias at 7pm the night before an event, but bumping your WTD thread every 5mins is the sure way to get banned and really ruin your year.

Offering items on wanted threads. RULE
* "The for sale post must include an accurate description of the item and a photograph of the item described with your username and the current date clearly displayed on a piece of paper next to the item.If you offer something in reply to a wanted advert you must still provide a picture with name and date on the same as if you had advertised it in the forsale section.This is to help prevent people selling items they do not have.".

This is in the classified rules but people seem to ignore it.Your offer of an item will be infractioned then deleted if it does not have a picture with user-name and date in.