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SaD - missing pieces - can you help?


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Jun 2, 2012
With the U.K. Paintball season about to kick off, SaD Paintball Club have a number of opportunities to join the club.

An experienced player to join CPPS Division 4 team SaD Legion.

One player preferably under 20 to join SaD Outlaws, who will be also starting the 2017 season in CPPS Division 4.

Our development teams
SaD Academy Black (over 18s) and SaD Academy Blue (under 18s) also are looking for one more player to complete their rosters.

Our Woodland team SaD Tactical is looking to expand and form a permanent second team. As such we are interested in hearing from any players who are interested in joining the squad.

During the next few weeks we would also like to hear from any experienced players who are looking to get back into the sport in a coaching or scouting role. Candidates will be required to pass DSB checks.

Staffordshire & District Paintball Club
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